SharePoint Classic vs Modern Experiences

SharePoint is a web-based collaboration and document management platform developed by Microsoft. SharePoint has evolved over the years, and the platform is available in two versions: classic and modern.

The classic version of SharePoint is the traditional version that has been around since SharePoint 2001. It provides a lot of flexibility and customization options for users but can be challenging for non-technical users to use. The classic version uses the classic SharePoint user interface and customization methods, which can be more difficult to use and less intuitive than the modern version.

The modern version of SharePoint, on the other hand, is a more streamlined and user-friendly version that is designed to be more accessible for non-technical users. The modern version includes many new features, such as improved mobile support, better integration with other Microsoft products, and an easier-to-use interface. It also offers improved customization options using modern SharePoint Framework (SPFx) extensions and is generally faster and more responsive than the classic version.

Overall, the modern version of SharePoint offers a more user-friendly and modern experience, while the classic version is more flexible and offers more customization options. Which version to use depends on the organization’s needs and the technical expertise of its users. However, Microsoft is increasingly focusing on the development and improvement of the modern version, so it is likely that the classic version will be phased out in the future.